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   The fire trucks may be gone but without proper immediate response the secondary damage and the costs are just beginning. To return your residential or commercial property to its pre-loss condition requires professional restoration. This is not the job for a do-it-yourself property owner or Joe contractor.

   Priority 1 will immediately start by securing the structure utilities and remove the products that are a source of odor. The next step is to remove and pack out all salvageable contents, while thatís going on other trained technicians start to secure the property. Board up, tarp, and water extraction services are common services that often follow a fire. Starting the cleaning process is a time sensitive task.

   Smoke odor removal is a complicated and delicate process so we remove the salvageable content immediately. After that our focus is back on the structure. Water damage is also an issue associated with fires so our dry out process is initiated to protect the property from secondary damage.

          6 Facts About Home Fires

1. Each year in the United States, more than 400,000 residential fires account for approximately 3,600 deaths and 18,600 injuries.

2. Older adults, children younger than 5 years old, and people in lower income groups are at the highest risk for fire.

3. Cooking is the primary cause of residential fires, and smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths.

4. Approximately 59 percent of fatal residential fires occur in homes without smoke alarms.

5. Most residential fires occur during the winter months (December through February).

6. Most of these residential deaths can be prevented.

   Once fire damage has occurred, the very first step you need to take is to secure any firearms or jewelry. After that you should make certain that you contact your insurance provider. If you feel more comfortable Priority 1 can call your insurance provider for you. Be patient, these processes can take time, and your insurance agency will no doubt try and help as swiftly as they can, but the process will involve many steps. You will also want to get a copy of the fire report from the local fire department. This is information that you should have on hand after the process has begun, and is invaluable to your insurance agency.

   After we have contacted your insurance agency, do not re-enter your home if it has suffered severe fire damage. Your fire department will be able to tell you if your home is safe to re-enter and if its structure has not been completely compromised. Though it is no doubt tempting to go through and see what can be salvaged after a fire, you do not want to risk your life entering a structurally unsound building. If you receive the okay to do so then you may, but you still need to be very careful.

   Once we are able to enter your home, we will conduct a thorough inventory of your contents. Identify any items that have been damaged by the fire and catalog them. We need to make certain that the information concerning the damage done to your home and property is as comprehensive as possible. When we submit the claim, we need to address all of your losses.

   You may not be able to stay in your home after the damages, you may have to find elsewhere to stay. There are public programs that can help provide temporary aid to individuals that have lost their homes in an unfortunate event. Priority 1 will also want to secure your property if you are not going to be there, to prevent potential theft and further damage.

    Fire damage to carpets, walls, ceilings, can be especially difficult to clean up without the proper equipment. Fire damage clean-up will also require more than addressing concerns of fire damage. Extinguishers and hoses can leave residue on the interior of your home as well, or leave floors and walls soaked with water.

   Water damage is another serious threat to homes that can result in further compromising the structure or induce harmful mold growth. You will want to make certain that you have your homeís interior dried as soon as possible.
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